Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jesus Makes Sense

I read this devotion this morning and found Annie had typed it already (I was feelin lazy lol) :) 

What God did makes sense. It makes sense that Jesus would be our sacrifice because a sacrifice was needed to justify man’s presence before God. It makes sense that God would use the Old Law to tutor Israel on their need for grace. It makes sense that Jesus would be our High Priest. What God did makes sense. It can be taught, charted, and put in books on systematic theology.

However, why God did it is absolutely absurd. When one leaves the method and examines the motive, the carefully stacked blocks of logic begin to tumble. That type of love isn’t logical; it can’t be neatly outlined in a sermon or explained in a term paper…

Even after generations of people had spit in His face He still loved them. After a nation of chosen ones had stripped Him naked and ripped His incarnated flesh, He still died for them. And even today, after billions have chosen to prostitute themselves before pimps of power, fame, and wealth, He still waits for them.

It is inexplicable. It doesn’t have a drop of logic nor a thread of rationality…

Bloodstained royalty. A God with tears. A Creator with a heart. God became earth’s mockery to save His children.

How absurd to think that such nobility would go to such poverty to share such a treasure with such thankless souls.

But He did.

In fact, the only thing more absurd than the gift is our stubborn unwillingness to receive it.

Max Lucado, from My Time With God by Thomas Nelson Bibles

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