Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Keep Going! Just keep Going!

 I've really been thinking on some of my 2012 New Years Resolutions, and I can't say I've accomplished any of them! (Like getting my licenses, getting a job, and sharing my testimony). I've done a lot of other cool things (like witness and start this blog and travel by myself for the first time), but none of my New Year's Resolutions. I have the bigger picture in mind, but no goals on how to accomplish them...Sometimes it's not good just to have ambition. Sometimes discipline and accountability are the best motivators. I have so many plans and dreams but none of them are ever going to be fulfilled if I don't start making effort and wanting to see results... My heart's desires won't be fulfilled until I start doing something. (If my way is committed to Him I don't have to worry about things, but there's a time to get up and go do.) God placed them in me and He desires to use me to see them get accomplished.

 For example, my love for missions are only a platform for God to push me in the right direction. People are important everywhere! So instead of my ideas of going to a certain place (cough, cough...Africa and Colombia) lol God can use me right here, today! So I can start preparing and helping out the people in my community. My plans are in God's hands and His time. I'm going to start pushing myself and trusting in God to help me accomplish the dreams He's placed inside me... So what motivates you to keep pushing on and press toward the goal?

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